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First of all, who is Daytona Transmission?


Well, Daytona Transmission´s story begins back in 1980.  It was founded by Rogelio Esquivel and Rosa Maria Esquivel, when they were just at the early age of 21 and 24 years old, it was founded in San Salvador El Salvador. Daytona in El Salvador was the Pioneer on automatic transmissions when automatic transmissions were really hard and rare to find. They both Rogelio and Rosa Maria Esquivel were really evolved and interested in now how this beautiful machines works, so they decided to open a shop in El Salvador, Central America. 


A few years later, their family started to grow. This means, now the shop became a Family business, where their children were evolved too. Later on, Daytona was known as the MASTER of automatic transmissions. It was known from the poorest person to the richest person. 


After that in 2008, all the family needed to move out of El Salvador for the reason that the country was becoming more violent and aggressive day a day. Gangs were becoming stronger, and more crimes were seen each day.  For the fact that the country was becoming insecure, they decided to leave the country for a better future. They moved to Oregon.


One year later, their son Roger at the early age of 21 years old; decided to continue what his parents had left since 1980. Rosa Maria Esquivel and Rogelio Esquivel never imagined what his son was planning. His plans were, open the shop here in Oregon and reopen the shop with the same name that Rosa Maria and Rogelio had in El Salvador DAYTONA TRANSMISSION.


Now a day, all the family operates together.  Rogelio Esquivel rebuilds transmission with his son (Rogelio Esquivel / Roger), and Roger is the manager as well. On the other hand, RosaMaria and Adriana (their daughter) operate at the shop as well, as receptionist and business management. 


At the end who is Daytona Transmission?, Daytona is a family business that has been operating in Oregon since 2009 to now and this family try to keep their business growing each day and serve their customer the best they can.

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